A New Degree at the Industrial Campus of Ferrol: International Relations

The University of A Coruña will offer a new undergraduate degree in International Relations at the Industrial Campus of Ferrol in the 2022/23 academic year. This degree, offered jointly by the University of A Coruña and the University of Vigo, will deliver innovative content which will prepare students to work in various environments involving international cooperation, business, and diplomacy.

This interuniversity degree offered jointly by both the University of A Coruña and the University of Vigo provides the opportunity for specialisation. During the first two years of the course, the same classes will be offered by both universities, teaching the fundamentals of the subject. In third and fourth year, students will specialise in the subject by choosing to study at either university. The Industrial Campus of Ferrol will offer specialisation in International Cooperation for Development, including modules such as Applied Anthropology and Cultural Mediation, Politics and Humanitarian Diplomacy, and Cultural Heritage and International Conflicts, taught in the Faculty of Humanities and Documentation. The Ourense Campus offers specialisation in Management of International Projects and Business, which offers classes such as, International Economics, Investigation of International Markets, and Planning, Control and Evaluation of Management. The degree will be taught equally in English and Spanish, and there is the opportunity to choose to learn either French or German as a foreign language as part of the course, therefore making it a trilingual degree. Moreover, in the final year there is the possibility of carrying out work experience at one of the many companies with which we have already established an agreement. Through studying this degree, students will gain some of the most valued employability skills: foreign language abilities, IT knowledge, and relevant work experience.

Graduates of this degree will not only have the ability to work in NGOs or organisations with international cooperation strategies, but also within developing countries. Skills learnt through the degree give students the capabilities to work in corporate environments, be it in an SME that wants to develop its internationalisation strategies, or in a multinational corporation. The course aims to provide students with a solid understanding of international politics, global economics, international law, and international relations, in order to be able to precisely analyse problems and challenges that modern society faces internationally and suggest appropriate changes in response.

The development of this course aligns with the Industrial Campus of Ferrol’s Strategic Plan of 2021-2026, which aims to further specialize the campus and to modernize the courses offered by the university in order to cater to the demands of contemporary society.