Academic Consortium – Opportunities and More Opportunities

The Academic Consortium at European Marketing and Management Association at the moment comprises 20 highly ranked universities, research centers, scientific committees, editorial boards, project task groups, scientific journals, and recent publications by the network of our researchers and scientists.

For me, it is a great honor and pleasure to manage the Academic Consortium and support the scientific and research activities, provide networking and collaboration opportunities to member institutions. Our entity organizes conferences, round table discussions, forums, develops joint research proposals and bilateral cooperation arrangements, works with the wider stakeholder community. The EUMMAS Academic Consortium (EAC) has a mission of supporting young researchers, developing and increasing the level of internationalization of partner institutions, and expanding a high-quality network worldwide.

In today’s world, the digital economy, digital governance, post-COVID recovery strategies are one of the most emerging subjects to discuss on an international level, including scientists, researchers, professionals from various backgrounds, and sectors. In many cases, we see that industry structures and business models are being disrupted, which is why the digitalization of the economy is being rapidly accelerated worldwide. To further support the recovery process worldwide, we have launched an A2B (Academia to Business) initiative, which offers a unique approach to cooperation between the sectors. Its goal is to improve and motivate business research, provide meaningful findings and deliver further recommendations to the industries.

The Academic Consortium is the right place to discuss the urgency for management and marketing agility, adaptability, and business transformation. I think it is a moment for academia and researchers to determine how our countries will shape economic systems in the future so that they are not just productive but also lead to sustainability, safety, and shared prosperity.

Having this mission in our minds, we will continue to create new incentives that will further support the research and innovation and create new, markets of tomorrow’’.

Dr. Nino Enukidze
President of Academic Consortium

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