Be Inspired and Never Give up

EUMMAS Women’s Forum Event

Topic: Be Inspired and Never Give up

Moderator: Ms Phumza Dyani

Guest of Honor: Prof. Dr. Danica Purg

Format: Discussion forum; guests are allowed and welcome to ask questions and discuss.

Who can participate: All ladies from the Women’s Forum as well as students/girls from the EUMMAS Academic Consortium Institutions.

Follow-up: With this event we are starting with stories of success. We are here to help each other, motivate each other and inspire each other.

Date: Dec 7, 2022

Time: 05:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 842 0616 2724

Passcode: 425703

Invitation Letter by the President of the EUMMAS Women’s Forum – Prof. Dr. Lidija Weis, Dean of the Ljubljana School of Business

Dear Ladies,

Women deserve to be celebrated for our extraordinary contributions to society, memorable victories, and unparalleled fearlessness. Yet, despite gender inequalities in all sectors, we continue to thrive and beat the odds. That’s why meetings like ours aim to bring together strong and successful women so that we are even more empowered, motivated and inspired to continue the good fight.

Motivational stories inspire you never to give up. Not everyone may know your account, but remember you have influenced people in your life, even if you are unaware of it. Your journey and lessons have allowed you to build relationships with other people. You’ve learned to connect, empathize, and grow each step of the way.

Our future meeting concerns motivation, inspiration and the realization that we can achieve even more with persistence and dedication.

Indeed, the list of amazing women who have contributed to improving society and encouraging many others is inexhaustible. But in our meeting, we shall talk with a lady who made incredible contributions to management education and women’s equality. She not only challenges norms but also helps to create opportunities. Needless to say that this inspirational woman is changing the face of society.

This brave lady worked tirelessly to educate herself and tore down gender boundaries to create a better world. She not only uplifted herself in a world where women continuously struggle to hold space but have also helped uplift many other women.

Dear ladies, meet Prof. Dr. Danica Purg, our Honorary Vice President of the Forum. She received numerous national and international awards for her outstanding achievements in the field of international business education and held three Doctor Honoris Causa titles and two honorary professorship titles. In addition, she is the recipient of many prestigious international awards, the author of many professional publications and articles published in the most prestigious editions of the world, and a woman who fights for the power of women and the kind of leadership that would bring prosperity to society.

Our upcoming conversational meeting will be held on November 10, at 5 PM CET and moderated by incredible Ms Phumza Dyani.

I’m so excited to meet you again.

Lidija Weis

“Strong women don’t have ‘attitudes’; we have standards.”
Marilyn Monroe