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welcome to our blog and Contribute section. As you know our Magazines are distributed to all EUMMAS members and friends as a pdf file and all text are accessible on this blog too.  This is a nice and free opportunity for all of you to share with the world whatever you think is important for your institution or yourself.  The media team reviews received materials and approves them (or ask for additional information). It is important to send, along with the text, high-resolution photos (the more the better). Video are also acceptable and welcome. The text should not exceed half a page A4, font 12, Times, without spacing. So, the text itself is not enough. Send photos and/or videos and please use your official/business email address. Along with the text and photo you need to sign and send the Declaration of Consent.

Who can contribute?

EVERYBODY is welcome to submit a text, from academic and business life, including professors, students, managers, employees, etc, members and non-members. Only quality of materials matters.

What can you write about?

Our Association deals with business issues and therefore we appreciate your texts related to:

  1. Marketing, management and business subjects in general.
  2. Educational institutions or businesses.

What is not acceptable?

  1. Expressing negative opinions about other institutions/businesses and/or people.
  2. Offensive language or comments that might insult other people.
  3. Promotional and advertising materials.

PLEASE AVOID WRITING ABOUT things related to any sensitive topic including but not limited to politics, religion, sex, race… Bear in mind that our Magazines are distributed globally and due to cultural differences, the same thing may be interpreted in different ways.

What topics are suitable?

We welcome materials related to the following topics:

  1. Past events
  2. Highlight a professor or student, manager or employee who has been recently awarded/recognized for some achievements (avoid too formal photos e.g. ID or passport-style)
  3. If your institution/company has a blog, include a portion of one of your recent most popular blog posts (provide a link to the full post on your site). The blog can also be of a rector, dean, professor with their written consent to publish the material (the Consent form can be downloaded from the Download google drive).
  4. Have a nice vacancy announcement? Share it…
  5. You wish to offer scholarship/internship?
  6. With the end of the academic or business year consider including “Highlights from 2021 academic/business year”. (You can include pictures from your annual event, your organization’s accomplishments, memorable moments, etc.)
  7. Promote a successful research paper, book, podcast, video series, some new business venture or so (don’t send a paper or book, just a description of why it is so good).
  8. Do you have some news about inventions and innovations at your institution/company?
  9. Does your institution have an Institute, Center, or similar department with some stories that might be interesting?
  10. Some nice story from your institution’s history – anything emotional. Everybody likes to read texts written with a good sense of humor. Do not be shy to share it.
  11. If someone else wrote about your institution and gave positive reviews, send us the info (ask for consent).
  12. Celebrate big wins. Show that you are successful. Everybody likes successful people or companies.
  13. Have some new interesting study programs? Some new business approach?
  14. Do you have some nice sports news?
  15. Something about arts?
  16. Networking and collaboration?
  17. Successful businesses?
  18. Student’s life?
  19. Employee of the year?
  20. You have just filmed a nice video about your school?
  21. …or maybe recently had a commencement ceremony?
  22. Anything else that we all may like related to marketing, management, business, economics, tourism, hospitality, public management, finances, logistics, renewable energy… 🙂

Please note that we can publish only one text per topic per issue (e.g. only one MBA, event, success story, etc per issue) and only one from an institution. We shall prioritize acceptable texts on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our email address is

Looking forward to receiving your stories.

Stay safe and all the best!

Media Team