EUMMAS A2S Event Recap: Women as Catalysts for Sustainable Development

Last night’s event, hosted by the EUMMAS Women’s Forum, served as one of the lead-up events to the EUMMAS A2S Conference on Global Social and Technological Development and Sustainability.. The event, titled “Women as Catalysts for Sustainable Development: Exploring the Role of Women in Driving Social and Technological Innovation for a Sustainable Future,” highlighted the pivotal role of women in driving forward social and technological innovation for a sustainable future.

Conducted virtually, the event sparked dynamic discussions and offered profound insights into how women are leading the charge in social and technological innovation to shape a sustainable future. It was not only a recognition but also a celebration of the invaluable contributions made by women in this vital domain.

Phumza Dyani, Vice President of the EUMMAS Women’s Forum, adeptly moderated the event, drawing from her extensive 18-year experience in the ICT industry and active engagement in various developmental initiatives. Her leadership paved the way for enlightening discussions. The distinguished panel of speakers further enriched the event with their expertise: Dr. Silvia Sartori, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, and Dr. Dina Yacout.

The event concluded with a collective realization of the urgent need to acknowledge and amplify the role of women as catalysts for sustainable development. Inspired by the discussions held, we are encouraged to persist in advocating for gender equality and empowering women as agents of positive change on the path towards a sustainable future.

Throughout the event, discussions delved into various aspects of women’s involvement in driving sustainable development. Participants explored the intersectionality of gender and sustainability, shedding light on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women, particularly those from marginalized communities, in contributing to sustainable development goals.

Silvia Sartori, the Gender & Sustainability Consultant, emphasized the importance of integrating gender perspectives into sustainability initiatives, stressing that inclusive approaches are paramount for meaningful progress. Dr. Karina R. Jensen, leveraging her expertise as the Founder and Executive Director of Global Minds Network, underscored the critical role of education and skill-building in empowering women to effectively lead sustainable development efforts. Dr. Dina Yacout, serving as the Vice President of both the EUMMAS Women’s Forum and the EUMMAS Advisory Board, provided valuable insights into the strategic initiatives undertaken by EUMMAS to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in the realm of sustainable development.

Moreover, panelists and attendees deliberated on practical strategies for enhancing women’s participation in decision-making processes, nurturing entrepreneurship, and leveraging technology to address gender disparities in access to resources and opportunities.

The event served as a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collective action towards harnessing the full potential of women as catalysts for sustainable development. It underscored the significance of collaborative efforts involving governments, civil society, and the private sector in creating an enabling environment for women to thrive and contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable and equitable world.