EUMMAS Business Club

EUMMAS Business Club is a network of businesses of different sizes and industries. It offers number of benefits, such as: personal growth, professional development, networking with EUMMAS community — all are part of membership in the EUMMAS Club; possibility to build a positive image and associate your business with quality programs and high standards; promotion opportunities through advertising your company in all our event materials as well as on the website and in the Business Magazine; access to our latest news; access to our research databases and research centers, and so on.

The following requirements have to be met to join the Club:


  1. Members of the Club are legal entities, businesses of all sizes and from all industries. 
  2. Members will not be allowed to participate in the Club only to obtain opportunities without providing opportunities for others. 
  3. Members pay an annual fee. The fee covers the period from the membership start date, regardless of the period of the year. 
  4. Members are allowed to be members of other networking organizations. However, it is not allowed that those members use the EUMMAS Business Club network for supporting members of other networking organizations.
  5. Members are expected to attend at least half of the regular meetings or they may be asked to resign from the club. The meetings are held traditionally. Exceptionally, they can be organized virtually if there is a just cause. 
  6. An annual committee meeting will be held to review the performance of the Club during the previous 12 months and suggestions of how to move the club forward.
  7. The annual meeting shall take place in May of each year. 

Honorary Vice President of the Club is H.E. Eugeniu Hristev.

Business Club

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