EUMMAS in Five Lessons

Embark on a transformative journey with EUMMAS as it unveils its core essence and values, including Ethics, Diversity, Equality, and Sustainability (EDES). Through collaborative leadership, EUMMAS champions the advancement of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering innovation and nurturing leadership within its Special Focus Groups. With the pioneering A2S® EUMMAS Concept, academia and society converge to drive innovation and pave the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Learn more now.

Welcome to the inaugural lesson of the EUMMAS series, where the core essence of the European Marketing and Management Association (EUMMAS) is revealed.

The Genesis of Excellence

EUMMAS, established in 2007, emerged as a beacon of excellence in marketing and management. Rooted in a commitment to advancement and innovation, EUMMAS has evolved into a dynamic hub where ideas converge, collaborations flourish, and leadership thrives.

A Nexus of Connectivity

At the heart of EUMMAS lies an unwavering dedication to connectivity. The association believes in the transformative power of bridging academia with industry, forging partnerships that transcend boundaries and unlock limitless possibilities. Through its platform, leaders from diverse backgrounds unite, sharing insights, experiences, and aspirations that propel collective growth and success.

Mission: Connecting Leaders

EUMMAS’ mission is clear – to connect leaders. By fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration, the association acts as a catalyst for personal, professional, and societal advancement. From academics to practitioners, students to policymakers, EUMMAS is committed to cultivating a community where every voice is heard, and every contribution matters.

Vision: Leading Excellence Worldwide

Looking ahead, EUMMAS aspires to become the premier destination for top-tier services and support, empowering stakeholders worldwide to achieve unparalleled success in marketing and management. Through a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity, the association endeavors to set new benchmarks and inspire transformative change on a global scale.

A Journey of Discovery and Growth

As individuals embark on this journey of discovery and growth, they are invited to join EUMMAS in shaping the future of marketing and management. Whether one is a seasoned professional, an aspiring student, or an academic trailblazer, EUMMAS offers a myriad of opportunities to connect, collaborate, and thrive.

How do we embark on this journey? There are many options you can opt from. No. 1 is the Academic Consortium (EAC). The EUMMAS Academic Consortium (EAC) orchestrates scientific and research endeavors while fostering networking opportunities among its member institutions. Its objectives include elevating research standards through Research Centers, expanding conferences, supporting emerging researchers, and fostering student and faculty mobility.

Companies and associations prefer our Business Consortium. The EUMMAS Business Consortium represents an esteemed business society united by a common goal. Its diversity enriches collaborative efforts, fostering innovative approaches and comprehensive solutions tailored to dynamic business needs.

If you like research then you should join some of the Research Centers. The EUMMAS Research Centers drive progress and excellence across diverse disciplines, fostering collaboration, exploration, and discovery. They contribute to advancing theory, practice, and policy, shaping the future of their respective fields.

Successful people need great environments. The EUMMAS Business Club offers a plethora of benefits to its members, including opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and networking within the vibrant EUMMAS community. And consulting. The EUMMAS Consulting provides advice, expertise, and solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Individuals usually connect through our Membership or Professional Certification opportunities. The membership provides access to a dynamic community of professionals, academics, and industry leaders dedicated to excellence, innovation, and collaboration in marketing and management. Members enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to events, conferences, and workshops, facilitating engagement with thought leaders and exploration of emerging trends. On their side, the Professional Certification stands as a hallmark of professional excellence, offering a robust array of 60 certification fields and five levels tailored to meet diverse professional aspirations. Professionals gain the confidence to excel in their roles, stand out in competitive job markets, and contribute meaningfully to their organizations and industries.

In our second lesson, we delve into the core principles that define the ethos of the European Marketing and Management Association (EUMMAS): Ethics, Diversity, Equality, and Sustainability (EDES).

Ethics: Guiding Principles of Integrity

EUMMAS upholds unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, ensuring that members adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. From research to business practices, ethical considerations are paramount. The association promotes responsible decision-making, transparency, and accountability, fostering a culture of trust and credibility.

Diversity: Embracing Perspectives, Enriching Communities

EUMMAS recognizes the strength in diversity, actively fostering environments where individuals from different backgrounds come together. From the EUMMAS Youth Forum to the EUMMAS Women’s Forum, diverse perspectives enrich the association with creativity and innovation, contributing to its collective success.

Equality: Creating Opportunities for All

Equality is fundamental within EUMMAS. The EUMMAS Women’s Forum empowers women in science, academia, and business, addressing gender disparities and promoting equitable representation. The association is committed to creating an inclusive culture where every member has equal opportunity to thrive.

Sustainability: Ensuring Enduring Impact

EUMMAS is dedicated to sustainability across environmental, economic, and social dimensions. From eco-friendly event planning to promoting responsible business practices, the association prioritizes a sustainable future. Through educational programs and collaborative projects, EUMMAS inspires members to integrate sustainable practices into their lives.

In Lesson 3, we explore how EUMMAS aligns its mission to connect leaders with the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering collaboration among businesses, academia, and policymakers worldwide.

Connecting Leaders for Global Impact

In line with EUMMAS’s mission to connect leaders, our aim is to establish a robust professional and academic network where companies, professionals, educators, and students can exchange knowledge and experiences. Through conferences, consultations, seminars, and publications, we facilitate effective dialogue and cooperation among academic institutions, policymakers, and the business sector. Our goal is to advance policy-making, marketing, and management, paving the way for sustainable development.

Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

EUMMAS is deeply committed to contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that represent critical areas of interest for global progress. Our dedication lies in fostering developments that balance social, economic, and environmental sustainability across various SDGs.

SDG Focus Areas and EUMMAS Initiatives

  • SDG 4 – Quality Education: EUMMAS advocates for lifelong learning opportunities and equal access to quality education for all, endorsing vocational training and universal access across genders and levels.
  • SDG 5 – Gender Equality: Through initiatives like the EUMMAS Women’s Forum, we advocate for meaningful gender parity and equal opportunities for leadership across all spheres.
  • SDG 8 – Good Jobs and Economic Growth: EUMMAS serves as a liaison between the business community and the promotion of productive employment, entrepreneurship, and innovation, alongside advocating for equal pay and financial inclusivity.
  • SDG 9 – Innovation and Infrastructure: We urge authorities to foster sustainable infrastructure and enhance technological capacities to promote economic growth and human welfare.
  • SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities: EUMMAS works to empower and advance social, economic, and political inclusion, advocating for policies that diminish disparities and promote greater equality.
  • SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption: As a socially responsible entity, EUMMAS disseminates information and fosters awareness regarding sustainable development, encouraging transitions towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns.
  • SDG 16 – Peace and Justice: EUMMAS acknowledges that sustainable development is inseparable from peace, stability, human rights, and effective governance founded on the rule of law.
  • SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals: EUMMAS is deeply dedicated to endorsing collaboration among businesses, governments, international organizations, local authorities, and civil society to achieve SDGs collectively.

In Lesson 4, we delve into the specialized focus groups within EUMMAS, each dedicated to fostering leadership, empowerment, and innovation in their respective domains.

EUMMAS Youth Forum: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

The EUMMAS Youth Forum stands as a vibrant platform for young individuals across the globe to network, collaborate, and embark on transformative journeys in the world of business leadership. Designed to bridge generations and continents, this forum facilitates invaluable networking opportunities, enabling participants to establish enduring connections that span borders and industries. By embracing diverse perspectives and nurturing forward-thinking mindsets, the EUMMAS Youth Forum cultivates a community of future leaders poised to shape the landscape of tomorrow’s business world.

EUMMAS Women’s Forum: Empowering Women in Leadership

The EUMMAS Women’s Forum is a testament to our commitment to gender equality and inclusivity. Dedicated to empowering and advancing women in science, academia, and business, this forum provides a supportive ecosystem where women can thrive, connect, and contribute to meaningful change. Through networking programs and mentorship initiatives, the Women’s Forum amplifies the voices of women leaders, fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment within the larger EUMMAS community. By championing diversity and equality, the Women’s Forum paves the way for women to excel and lead across diverse fields and industries.

EUMMAS Global Development Forum: Fostering Sustainable Solutions

The EUMMAS Global Development Forum embodies our collective commitment to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges through collaboration and innovation. With a focus on driving sustainable and inclusive development, this forum serves as a global platform where leaders from government, business, academia, and civil society come together to co-create transformative initiatives. Through strategic partnerships and dialogue, the Global Development Forum advocates for policies and practices that promote economic growth, social equity, and environmental stewardship. By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, the forum seeks to build resilience and foster a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Our Collective Vision and Aims

Across our specialized focus groups, EUMMAS remains dedicated to nurturing leadership, fostering inclusivity, and driving positive change on a global scale. Our vision is one of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment, where leaders from diverse backgrounds unite to shape a brighter future for generations to come.

In Lesson 5, we explore the pioneering initiative of A2S® EUMMAS Concept, aimed at fostering innovative collaboration between academia and society, and driving transformative change in the realms of research, education, and industry.

Understanding A2S® EUMMAS Concept

A2S® EUMMAS Concept, abbreviated for Academe2Society – EUMMAS Concept, represents a bold step towards redefining the relationship between academia and society. Building upon the groundwork laid by Academia2Business (A2B), A2S® charts a new course characterized by inclusivity and innovation. It encompasses a series of actions engaging diverse stakeholders, leading to impactful outcomes and sustainable partnerships.

Bringing Together Diverse Stakeholders

A2S® EUMMAS Concept unites a diverse array of stakeholders, including research centers, academic institutions, chambers of commerce, governmental bodies, companies, C-level executives, teachers, and students at all study levels. By fostering collaboration among these stakeholders, A2S® creates a dynamic ecosystem where knowledge, expertise, and resources converge to address real-world challenges.

Goals and Objectives

The overarching goals of A2S® EUMMAS Concept are multifaceted and ambitious. They include enhancing research initiatives, developing impactful conference topics, generating actionable recommendations for industry stakeholders, strengthening the branding of research teams and institutions, and enhancing the visibility and employability of students across diverse study levels. Through these objectives, A2S® aims to foster innovation, drive knowledge exchange, and address societal needs.

Bridging Academia and Society

At its core, A2S® EUMMAS Concept seeks to bridge the gap between academia and society, fostering a symbiotic relationship that drives innovation and addresses real-world challenges. By harnessing collective expertise and resources, A2S® endeavors to create a lasting impact on academic and societal landscapes alike. Through collaborative efforts, A2S® aims to reshape the future, one marked by innovation, inclusivity, and shared purpose.