Europe and MENA disrupted, leading through uncertainty

For THREE days, “ Momentum” , an amazing summit was held at the United States of America with a dense participation of women in business and education;  it was arranged by Women in Business Education by a valuable colleague,  Lisa Leander, founder and CEO of WIBE and a valued member of the academic board at EUMMAS.

In a vibrant session moderated by the professional  Nneka Okekearum deputy director of the enterprise department Centre of the Pan Atlantic university, distinguished ladies in leadership from EUMMAS participated in the first day’s session “ Europe and MENA disrupted, leading through uncertainty”  , where Lidija Weis, president of women forum at EUMMAS, Nino Enukidze, president of the academic consortium at EUMMAS, and myself, Dina Yacout, as vice president of the advisory board an vice president of women forum at EUMMAS discussed in a comprehensive discussion the definition of leadership and redefined its core meaning in the current time, circumstances, challenges and its implications at the practical side during times of uncertainty and crises.

We also discussed how leadership changes by age, the leadership nurture or / and nature concepts, how leaders act through and during the crises, importance of time management and how  empathy, humility, people focus terms became integral parts in implementing the leadership in core and at every context in the present days.

An important topic was raised describing how leadership is used today to shape the relationship between leaders and teams, how leaders act at work and how lady leaders manage their work-life balance, and how leadership is no longer applied in its classic context but it also became an essential support tool and framework to deliver fundamental values at times of uncertainty, stress, disappointment and any other negative emotional reactions that dominate individuals at the times of pandemic.

Dr. Dina Yacout

Vice president of the advisory board, EUMMAS

Vice president of women forum, EUMMAS

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  1. Hello Dina
    I wish I had known about this SUMMIT event in October and your great work here at EUMMAS, as my passion is about introducing new conversation paradigms for how we, as women of substance, show up, speak out and merge the new game plan of ‘business’ and ‘life’ with men. As these two forces come together, we all gain. I have always spoken about how women have brought ‘life’ to our economies and our businesses. Sharing the emotional template of leadership today and owning our natural talents and innate abilities to lead differently, I believe women are ready to shift the future of equity and inclusion through a flexible mind-flow that embrace all needs – people, planet and profit.
    I look forward to serving EUMMAS to create a more harmonious ‘working together’ future out of this pandemic opportunity that has never been considered before,
    Dr Pauline Crawford – Corporate Heart International

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