How we Contribute to the Women Empowerment

The EUMMAS Women’s Forum is an elite group of academia and businesswomen leaders who support the mission of the Association. Professor Lidija Weis is the president of the Forum.

Professor Weis, what is the main goal of the EUMMAS Women’s Forum?

The main goal of the Forum is to contribute to global women empowerment, with an emphasis on female entrepreneurship and leadership. Our short and long-term plans are focused on women’s empowerment, which means training, education, and exchange of experience, and to encourage them to take leading roles in their societies and companies. 

Are you happy with what has been done so far?

We started thinking about having this Forum at the end of last year and I am very pleased that in such a short time we have managed to gather a diverse group of successful and influential ladies from many different countries. The Forum now consists of a little less than 50 members from 12 countries. Our first meeting was held at the beginning of July, and it was a great success. The Women’s Forum takes the same direction as the Association, in terms of connecting business and academia. At the EUMMAS we believe that putting together business and academia is the key to providing continuous personal,

professional, and social growth and development. Therefore, we also want to create a professional and academic network aimed at sharing knowledge and experience through the Women’s Forum.  

What are the future plans?

We plan to have quarterly online events, like discussions on various topics, panel discussions with guests, educational events, etc. Each event would have a pre-determined topic, something we are all interested in, and it would be beneficial to all of us. Since there is such a diverse group of women, from different parts of the world, I believe there will be great opportunities for networking and exchanging opinions and good practices. At some point in time, we plan to start with our annual events, such as an annual conference. This will be a good opportunity to raise our recognition on a higher level. 

Professor Weis, thank you for sharing this information with our readers.

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