IAC 2021 Bridging Academia and Industry

The International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is proud to announce the first International Academic Conference (IAC) 2021, a virtual event taking place between 26th-28th October 2021. The conference will have experts highlighting the possible business disruptions to the supply chain and in its place a new economic model. Lessons from business history show that while technology has always played a key role in shaping work, it has also created new and future work opportunities, that did not previously exist. “Digitalising the nation and society call for close collaboration between many sectors, not least, academia and industry. The conference aims to strengthen those relationships so we can share knowledge effectively, to enable research to truly play its part in being at the heart of economic growth and driving change”, said Dr Nurul Nisa Omar, Dean of IUMW’s Faculty of Arts & Science. Industry leaders from companies including PwC, Maybank, MDEC, Microsoft and Google will join academic experts from institutions including IUMW, Heriot-Watt University, and the Asia School of Business for in-depth panel discussions set around the conference theme. Besides panel of speakers, the conference will also feature professional workshop from global initiatives around the world such as micro-credential by Open Learning, and developing entrepreneurial education skills by EntreCompEdu. This conference is a place for industry practitioners, business owners, academics, and students, to network, exchange ideas, and present/ discover new ideas and current results of research work. Contact laura@iumw.edu.my for more information about IAC2021 or visit iumw.edu.my

Dr. Nurul Nisa Omar

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