International Spring at Ljubljana School of Business is Coming to an End

This spring was especially international at our school. We have carried out numerous incoming Erasmus+ mobilities of students, staff and professors from Albania (University College of Business), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Panevropski Univezitet Apeiron and Empirica), Montenegro (FPEP Bar), Turkey (Hatay Mustafa Kemal University), Ukraine (PUET and SUTE) and, on-line, even from Bhutan (Royal Thimphu College). Our students and professor have been to Ukraine (SUTE), Croatia (Libertas), Portugal (ISAG), Poland (PWSTE), Montenegro (FPEP Bar), Serbia (PEP) and the Czech Republic (UNYP).

Cooperation at all levels is at the core of our values; with the labor market, the economic sector, research institutions, and among colleagues internally and with international partner institutions. Internationalization is a strategic field for the Ljubljana School of Business, and we have been very active in creating new relations and strengthening existing ones. We are entirely aware that alone we can do little, but we can do so much together.

We have learned so much from working together. Sharing of best practices among colleagues from international offices at the Staff week, presenting innovative approaches to entrepreneurship at the Creative entrepreneurship boot camp for students, numerous lectures from professors from partner HEI and soft skill learnings one picks up spontaneously from merely spending time in an international, intercultural environment. We are closing the 2021/2022 Erasmus+ episode with a thought by the writer Wendell Berry: “Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond, and we cease to be alone”.