Interview with Mónika Galambosné Dr Tiszberger

We interviewed Mónika Galambosné Dr Tiszberger about her new role as the head of our accredited flagship BSc Business Administration and Management programme (at the Faculty of Business & Economics, University of Pécs)

Mónika Galambosné Dr Tiszberger became the Head of the BSc Business Administration and Management (BSc BAM) programme on the 1st of November 2022.

It has been a pretty busy semester since the School just past the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) reaccreditation Online Peer Review visit in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, with great success.

That is why Mónika only took the lead now and not at the beginning of the semester. But she was deeply involved in the accreditation process, especially in part describing the School’s pedagogy-related developments.

Would you please tell us more about this topic? Why was the development of our pedagogy essential?

Teaching methodology is a very important tool in the hand of the module leaders. We have to ease and support the learning process of the students. Today, many online tools are available. These can make the classes more interesting and more efficient. Also the assessment tools are becoming more and more teacher and student friendly, fostering the feedback and the communication. Our Faculty places great emphasis to keep up with the new needs of new generations and the continuous technology development.

Would you please tell us details about yourself, your previous responsibilities and your research areas?

I am working at the Faculty since 2010. This is not my first workplace. I had spent 5 years at the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in Budapest and half a year at Eurostat in Luxemburg. I was responsible for sampling and estimation methods. At the Faculty I teach statistics related courses. In the last five years I was the program manager of the International PhD Program in Regional Development.

My research areas are well-being and shadow economy measures. But I also participate in various project as a methodological expert.

Could you please tell us about the BSc BAM major in a nutshell? How practice-oriented is your programme?

This program offers a good knowledge and skill set, which is an international standard for business administration and management. This is guaranteed by our EFMD accreditation. But we offer even more. Throughout the various topics of the elective modules students have the chance to customize their course structure. A wide range of extra curricular activities are also offered. In our Centre for Applied Learning students can meet real life problems, projects. We also bring the world of practise into the classrooms by guest speakers from the corporate world. The internship gives excellent opportunity to see how a real workplace looks like and what are the everyday roles of the different jobs. The Talent spot offers various workshops to strengthen the necessary skills of our students.

What are the most important benefits of studying BSc BAM apart from the degree?

On one hand the general advantage of the business studies is that it leads to the opportunity of really diverse range of potential scope of working activities. On the other hand, this program offers so much more. I think the most important and unique benefit is the international and intercultural characteristic of this program. A special, motivating atmosphere characterize the classes. About 50 percent of each cohort is formulated by international students from all over the world. The other half are Hungarian students. So even without leaving the classroom, students experience different cultures, different „English”, and diverse mindsets. In itself it gives an exceptional opportunity to build up and strengthen their communication, group work and social skills. I am sure that these cannot be developed in our Hungarian programmes in the same way. Beside this intercultural experience in Pécs, students can travel abroad to shorter- or longer-term visits, studies. Erasmus scholarship program nominate many European destinations. Currently we have two double degree programs. One with ESDES Business School (in Lyon) and the other with KEDGE Business School (in Bordeaux).

Who would you recommend this programme?

I would recommend this programme to those, who

  • have solid language skills in English,
  • are interested in business topics,
  • are ready to study in an intercultural environment,
  • would like to have a multi-faceted knowledge, which brings diverse opportunities in the future.

I am really looking forward to work on this program. Normally a new position brings some fears and doubts. However, I am in a very fortunate position. This is already a great programme. All I have to do is to keep its excellence and go on with the good practices and developments.