Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Development in Digital Global Societies

THE 4th EASTERN EUROPEAN CONFERENCE OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS (EECME 2022) will be held online on May 26, 2022, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. EECME 2022 is a peer-reviewed international conference focused on research advances and applications in knowledge management and the digital economy of global societies, considering sustainable development issues. The International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2712-2522 is assigned to the EECME Conference website.

As a consequence of globalization, the world is rapidly becoming a global society – a unified social community –, being affected by the integration of international economies, trade, culture, politics, and knowledge. In this context, profound digital transformation has an immense impact on society’s changes, processes, and development. Digital literacy skills and knowledge transfer are inevitably needed to thrive in a global society, wherein the central role is given to the understanding of knowledge as a concept and sustainable development goals. Consequently, sustainable development in the global society is a potential frame for knowledge development, leading to social cohesion, economic competitiveness and development, stability, and usage of resources to safeguard biodiversity and the social ecosystem. Digital global societies, as our everyday reality, must be inseparably intertwined with sustainable development global challenges, also addressing the questions of inequality, environmental degradation, climate change, justice, peace, and poverty.

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