Launching EUMMAS’ Regional Representation Office in ASEAN

On March 21, 2024. in a landmark move, the European Marketing and Management Association (EUMMAS) and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) have inked a pioneering agreement aimed at enhancing regional representation.

The agreement delineates the appointment of UiTM as EUMMAS’s exclusive representative for the ASEAN region, empowering UiTM to promote and advocate EUMMAS’s services effectively. To operationalize this partnership, UiTM will establish and maintain a regional representation office within its Faculty of Business and Management.

UiTM’s obligations encompass a spectrum of activities aimed at amplifying EUMMAS’s presence within the ASEAN landscape, including organizing training programs, webinars, conferences, and other academic initiatives. Moreover, UiTM pledges to diligently safeguard EUMMAS’s reputation and confidentiality while actively fostering relationships with stakeholders.

In reciprocation, EUMMAS commits to equipping UiTM with logistical support to discharge its representation duties effectively. Importantly, EUMMAS underscores its commitment to maintain exclusivity in UiTM’s representation within ASEAN, thus fortifying the integrity of their partnership.

As the agreement comes into effect, it heralds a new era of collaboration and synergy between EUMMAS and UiTM, poised to redefine the landscape of marketing and management education within the ASEAN region. This strategic alliance not only augurs well for the parties involved but also promises to unlock myriad opportunities for academic and professional advancement in the realm of marketing and management.

The agreement was solemnized by Prof. Dr. Mile Vasić, President of EUMMAS, and Prof. Datuk Dr. Shahrin bin Sahib @ Sahibuddin, FASc, Vice-Chancellor, with the presence of witnesses Prof. Dr. Nino Enukidze, President of the EUMMAS Academic Consortium, and Prof. Dr. Firdaus Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management. Among the distinguished EUMMAS officials in attendance were H.E. Aurelian Gogulescu, Honorary Vice-President; Prof. Dr. Yioula Melanthiou, President of the Honorary Board; Prof. Dr. Marina Latukha, Director of the Center for Human Resources Management; Prof. Dr. Andrei Jean Vasile, Vice President of the Honorary Board; Prof. Dr. Janka Táborecká, Director of the Marketing Research Center; Prof. Dr. Gabriela Teodorescu, Director of the International Affairs Unit; H.E. Mohamed Al Khaja, Vice President of the Advisory Board for the Middle East; and H.E. Eugen Hristev, Honorary Vice-President of the Business Club.