Our Students are the Best: All-Ukrainian Competition of Student Research Papers

Our students are the best!

Annually the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the fields of knowledge and specialties is held in educational institutions in Ukraine. Conducting topical research, preparing for the competition, and timely submission of research papers by students are difficult tasks that require discipline, high motivation, sufficient knowledge, and skills for the student’s research activities. Our students try to achieve professional skills, self-improvement and understand the necessity to develop science and implement innovative technologies in Ukraine.

The efforts of the teaching staff of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Business, Economics and Management of Sumy State University are aimed at the development of students, promoting the realization of their abilities, and stimulating the creative improvement of young people. Every year, our talented students win a significant number of prizes in the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers, and SumDU in recent years is the leader among educational institutions in Ukraine in the number of prizes in the competition.

In 2020, talented students of the Institute of BiEM won 27, and in 2021 – 43 prizes in the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers.

The winners present their work in the fields of “Road Transport”, “Current issues of cooperation with the EU”, “Business Economics”, “Economics of Nature Management and Environmental Protection”, “Economics and Economic Policy”, “Economics and Management of National Economy”, ” Management in the field of economic competition “,” Personnel management and labor economics “,” Project and program management “,” Tourism “,” Marketing “,” Entrepreneurship, “Economic analysis and statistics”, “Economics and management in trade”, ” International Economic Relations”.