Podcasting with ”Business Bubbles”

I never realized podcasting could be so much fun until I started my own podcast channel “Business Bubbles”. During the lockdown when all my friends and colleagues were busy tik-toking and making elaborate videos, I found an easy way to leave my digital footprint – started podcasting. I learned the tricks of the trade instantly, thanks to the guidance of my son, although I was new in the game. As a child, I always craved to act, sing and use my voice as a makeover artist. I moved to become a University Professor and since my teaching career spans more than 2 decades I thought of harnessing all that knowledge into mini audios for ease of learners and listeners. Being aware of the boredom long videos create and how the limited attention span of millennials doesn’t allow them to focus for long intervals, I kept the podcasts KISS (keep it short and simple). Being 3 to 5 minutes all my 200+ podcasts revolve around Business, Management, HRM, Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and even Marketing. In fact, the most interesting ones focus on the concept of EXPOs as EXPO 2020 Dubai is being hosted in the United Arab Emirates, the place I live and work. You will have to believe me when I say that I upload one podcast a day! I know it looks tiring but I believe if you are passionate about things, they are fun. My plan is to post till the last day of my life and share what I gained from this world through technology. “Business Bubbles” is on Sound Cloud and Spotify with listeners from more than 41 countries across the globe. Check out the logo that I designed myself – you will love it as it is simple and attractive. Well, to conclude, I invite you to listen to my voice on “Business Bubbles”.