Post-Event Recap: Insights from the EUMMAS A2S Webinar Sparks Dialogue on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

On March 4th, 2024, the digital corridors of the Business and Technology University, Georgia, buzzed with dynamic discussions as the EUMMAS Center for Renewable Energy orchestrated an engaging webinar on “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development.”

With an array of industry experts at the helm, including Davit Tkeshelashvili, Country Manager Caucasus Region, Head of Logistics at Photomate; Nino Gadelia, CEO of Shine Energy, Georgia; and Mata Gordeziani, Project Manager at the Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association (GREDA), the webinar provided an insightful journey into the world of renewable energy.

From uncovering operational insights to exploring ongoing projects and assessing environmental impact, participants were treated to a comprehensive exploration of the renewable energy landscape. Moreover, the spotlight on the vital role of women in the renewable business sector added an inspiring dimension to the discussions.

The event not only fostered knowledge exchange but also ignited sparks of collaboration among industry stalwarts and enthusiasts alike. As the curtains fell on this enlightening webinar, attendees were left invigorated and inspired to champion sustainability in their respective spheres.

Event link and video