Setting the Stage: Preparatory Meeting for the EUMMAS Youth Business Forum

The recently held meeting of the EUMMAS Youth Forum’s presidium in London (September 22-25, 2023) marked a pivotal moment in the run-up to the highly anticipated First EUMMAS Youth Business Forum, scheduled to take place in Bucharest in 2024. Chaired by Zexin Ye, President of the Youth Forum, and Vice President Sergej Vasic, this meeting was a focused endeavor with a singular agenda: meticulous planning and organization of the First EUMMAS Youth Business Forum.

The EUMMAS A2S Conference on Global Social and Technological Development and Sustainability, under whose umbrella this event falls, is a collaborative effort by the EUMMAS Academic Consortium, consisting of more than 30 universities and business schools. It is designed as an Academe2Society (A2S) EUMMAS Concept Conference, which represents an innovative approach to bridging the gap between academia and society. The overarching theme for EUMMAS Bucharest 2024 is “Navigating the New Frontier: Responsible Innovation, Circular Economy, and Digitalization of Business and Public Administration Sectors in the Era of AI and Big Data.”

The primary objective of this preparatory meeting was to collectively establish the forum’s framework, discuss participant selection, deliberate on strategic options, and address other key elements integral to the success of this significant event.