Strengthening the Partnership and Future Cooperation 

Our friends and colleagues Dina and Rasheed met a few days ago in Dubai and discussed some important issues related to EUMMAS and its activities.

I was honored to meet with Prof. Rasheed Khalid, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Director at EUMAMS, and Head of the Department of Corporate affairs at Skyline University College, Sharjah where we discussed the future cooperation opportunities for the women, business, and academia as well as discussing future online and real-time added value services in the context of training, coaching and academic accreditations. The discussion covered many dimensions of how to enhance the Women’s Forum business side worldwide and ways of formulating action plans for the agreed points.

Dr. Dina Yacout Vice-President of the Advisory Board of EUMMAS and Vice-President of the EUMMAS Women’s Forum

It was a great pleasure to welcome the Vice-President of the EUMMAS Women’s Forum, Dr. Dina Yacout. We took this opportunity to discuss some important questions related to strengthening the partnership and cooperation between EUMMAS and other business and academic entities in Asia and Africa. The presence of EUMMAS in our countries, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt has already created lots of positive outcomes. Our aim during this year is to further support the Association and involve more institutions in our work.

Prof. Rasheed Khalid, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Director at EUMAMS