The Digital Word Emphasizes the Significant Role of Videos

Technology is everywhere. The enormous challenge for people, businesses, and society are to face the implications of digital change. Video marketing is exploding in its popularity, and it is becoming the most popular way to market business ideas. Tanja Sedej explains, why videos have been getting the attention they deserve.

Tanja Sedej is a creative and goal-oriented director of a marketing agency We explain as she has taken part in numerous research and consultancy marketing and communication projects. She loves and attain immense expertise in video marketing, especially in explainer videos. She is full of innovative and creative ideas, and she knows exactly how to convert them into reality. She has also wide experience in the education industry as an assistant professor and lecturer. She always creatively finds new ways to share her knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, her positive and professional attitude was also noticed by students as she was chosen as the top professor many times.

How did communication change in the last two years?

The way we communicate and connect with the world has changed significantly since 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is no secret that our daily life was affected, transforming the many characteristics of working, education, shopping, banking, and even medical care in certain aspects in the process. In the business world, today’s customers and employees need more context and different kinds of media to feel properly informed and appreciated. Driven by the demand, the video became one of the world’s most important communication tools in 2020.

How has the pandemic changed the need for video content?

A communication strategy that gained a lot of strength in the world of the “new normal”, as a lot of people call it, was the tremendous use of videos due to how functional and practical they can be in a scenario of social distancing. Nowadays, videos are used for many purposes such as educational, explanatory, commercial, entertainment, among many other things. This trend didn’t start with the pandemic but certainly grew faster due to that. Nevertheless, all kinds of the video became interesting. Among others explainer (animated) videos have been receiving a great level of attention as they have the power to explain complex issues and convert them into simple, clear, and understandable stories (=videos), which people enjoy watching.

Explainer videos have the power to lift a positive attitude since it is in a form of a fun and engaging cartoon.

What are the main characteristics of explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short but concise videos, which increase the retention capacity to acquire new knowledge and products. An excellent explainer video must have an amazing and well-thought script, appealing illustrations, perfect animation, and exceptional sound. It should be eye-catching and relevant, simple, and storytelling. The rule of “less is more” certainly applies in this industry.

Vivid characters in explainer videos can trigger intense emotions.

What are the main reasons why organizations decide to communicate in explainer video form?

Explainer videos are entertaining and educational at the same time. Organizations’ platforms usually use it on their websites to help their clients solve the most frequent doubts, learning platforms are not far behind, nowadays there are more and more courses that use animations to explain topics in a didactic and understandable way. There are many types of explainer videos that can be used, but our clients love 2D and whiteboard videos the most.

Explainer videos draw attention to the viewer’s pain.

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