The First Student and Alumni Conference at LSB

At the Ljubljana School of Business, we strive to provide relevant, current information for our students delivered by skilled and experienced lecturers. However, we also recognize the power and importance of peer-to-peer learning. That is why we are happy to announce the first Student and Alumni conference at the LSB has been successfully carried out. That was an excellent opportunity to host an event at our school, meet face-to-face, and set aside some time for socializing in person.

The conference was dedicated to current issues of after-corona changes in business, IT and communications and was organized solely by our students. They presented their final thesis and research papers from the fields of business informatics and marketing communications. The conference also hosted a round table with reputable guests (Dr Alenka Braček LalićHelena Miš ŠmalcSaso PalcicGrega Merela and our student Žiga Novak, hosted by our postgraduate student Tina Kramar) which sparkled a very lively debate regarding digitalization. Delighted by a positive response dr Katarina Aškerc Zadravec, dr Lidija Weis, and Špela Pregl are already planning new similar events.

The LSB Dean, dr Lidija Weis
The roundtable 
An excellent opportunity to catch up