Traidenis – a Synonym for Water Treatment

In Lithuanian society today, many people, even those living in the smallest villages, have heard about environmental protection and the treatment facilities needed to ensure it. Why are Lithuanians so aware of this issue? Sigitas Leonavičius, CEO of UAB Traidenis, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in September, and President of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Crafts, said that his employees have been laying the foundation for many years for our society to realize that the environment around us must be cleaner and everyone must help take care of it.

Over the course of a quarter of a century, S. Leonavičius, an engineer who operates a business with his whole family, has not only managed to train a team of excellent cleaning equipment specialists and enlighten the Lithuanian people; the business he has developed now boasts of modern, technological solutions recognized throughout Europe that have received numerous awards for their merit.

“In 25 years, we have created many products that have become commonly used throughout Europe and the Baltic States. We started with small-scale treatment equipment and introduced the population to these. Today, we are undertaking the fifth modification of these items of equipment with telemetry, remote controls, data controls, accounting systems, etc., which we supply to Scandinavian and Western European countries. We have developed modular systems for treatment plants in villages and settlements, which are in great demand today in both Western and CIS countries, as well as in Ukraine,” explained the founder of the company.

The company has managed to achieve a synergy between science and business and to combine the mature knowledge accumulated by the older generation with the practices of Western countries. Throughout its operations, the company has received numerous awards and recognitions. By organizing exhibitions and seminars, the company has raised the public’s interest in the environmental culture and increased awareness of water treatment issues. As a result, the company’s name Traidenis has become a general name for wastewater treatment plants.

“Although the vision of corporate social responsibility was brought to Lithuania by large foreign companies, the good examples quickly become contagious. Today, if you are not socially responsible, you risk not only losing your reputation and your business partners, but also your customers. We must realize that employees need good working conditions and help, with high-quality internal company culture. We need to be ready to help people with disabilities, or people in distress, contribute to the community environment, and take care of our resources as much as possible. I don’t think a business that doesn’t strive to be socially responsible could survive these days,” noted the CEO of Traidenis, S. Leonavičius.

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