Unveiling Collaboration: EMDM Project Consortium Meeting in Portugal

In October/November 2023, the Erasmus Mundus Design Measures (EMDM) Project Consortium gathered in Porto and Mirandela, Portugal, hosted by the Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal, under the guidance of Dean Prof. Dr. Sónia Nogueira. Comprising six Higher Education Institutions from EU and non-EU countries, along with a thematic association, the consortium aims to create a joint marketing program integrating ICT with Marketing to meet global market needs.

The meeting was a hub of lively discussions and shared insights, as institutions with varied experiences collaborated to shape the future of marketing education. Set against the backdrop of Portugal’s cultural richness, the gathering in Porto and Mirandela inspired innovation and new perspectives.

The EMDM Project underscores the transformative power of education, empowering the next generation of marketing professionals with cutting-edge skills. As the consortium moves forward, it remains committed to redefining the landscape of design and marketing education through collaboration and innovation.