Video Storytelling is the Future of Marketing

Author:  dr. Tanja Sedej, director of marketing agency We explain

/Tanja Sedej is a director of the marketing agency, professor, consultant, mentor, and author. Her passion represents sharing knowledge as an assistant professor. She appreciates when theory is linked to practice. She is also a co-founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency We explain. She has taken part in numerous research and consultancy digital marketing projects. She is a member of EUMMAS, Slovenian advertising chamber, marketing juries for several years, and editorial board of journals. /

Storytelling is the act of telling a story. It is not a new invention as it has been around since time immemorial. We are all fascinated by stories, from the old tales of love to heroes, and now they are also used to sell products and promote our favorite brands, explain important projects, entertain and educate.

Marketing has undergone an immense transformation, and video has emerged front and center.

The power of emotional storytelling in video

With storytelling especially in the digital world, a lot of brands manage to arouse attention, touch, and connect with their target audience by appealing to their emotions to achieve an impact so that it becomes an unforgettable experience. They seek to make the customer identify with the brand, to create a lasting relationship, so that the customer trusts the product, and enjoys a positive experience to which it gives value. 

Stories are excellent for simplifying abstract concepts and complex messages. It is normal to get confused when trying to understand a new idea, but a story can help enormously. Nevertheless, storytelling is also used to make brands feel clearer and more authentic, helping consumers connect with them, increasing loyalty, and driving the product.

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

More information, more formats, more channels

Nowadays communication with the public is mainly online, and while this online world has brought us a lot, as new forms of communication of which we have no doubt are a great advantage it has also brought with it a saturation of news.

It is because of this that video communication creates a powerful mix using storytelling. Video leverages the power of sound, moving pictures, and storytelling to bring the products to life. Video is the best way to take advantage of this technique, especially considering the great potential it has to go viral. It has been demonstrated that there is no better way to take advantage of the stories than through the video. The main reason is that it allows expressing and transmitting emotions in a much more trusting way. It also enables to cover a greater number of senses compared to other formats.

Building a relationship is essential in the world of digital marketing.

The amazing potential of explainer videos

Explainer (animated) videos represent one way to release the business potential in unthinkable horizons. It can explain a complex topic, simplify ideas and thoughts in a manner to create a reliable and interesting message that people love to watch. It is a proven fact by numerous scientific studies and statistics that the retention rate increases by almost 58% when the stimulation of both visual and auditory senses is applied.

Excellent way of breaking down complicated subjects into easy-to-digest are explainer videos.

Stand out from the crowd

Storytelling has become more relevant due to the audience’s desire for authenticity, meaning, and emotion from brands. In the end, it’s not about selling something, it’s about making it memorable.

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