Welcoming New Academic Consortium Member Institution: The University of Lynchburg College of Business

We are happy to announce that our Academic Consortium is richer for one more institution. On 15th of June 2022, our Association signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Lynchburg’s College of Business, from the United States of America. We thank Prof. Dr. Nancy Hubbard, Dean of the College and Member of the EUMMAS Honorary Board for joining our network.

The University of Lynchburg College of Business offers high-quality professional programs designed to prepare students to excel in a global, rapidly changing, uncertain environment. By integrating theory and practice throughout its educational programs, the College helps students develop effective and ethical management and decision-making skills, including the ability to integrate multi-disciplinary perspectives in pursuit of organizational goals. The College strives for excellence by providing a professional, character-building education built upon a liberal arts foundation.

Success in the business world today, and in the future, requires individuals to be leaders. Our faculty members help students develop leadership abilities through analysis of real-world case studies, team-based activities, and discussions of ethics, organizational culture, and other principles business leaders must understand.

Source: https://www.lynchburg.edu/academics/college-of-business/about-us