Every year, the Department of Marketing of Sumy State University (401-500 in Times Higher Education Rating) expands international cooperation with foreign universities and institutions and has a strong background in the implementation of projects under the Jean Monnet program.

The implementation of such programs means that knowledge about European values and integration processes will be disseminated among school children, students, and PhD students, will be activated scientific and theoretical discussions and public counsels of current topics and problems, will be conceptualized modern phenomena of European integration.

Today, the Department of Marketing is implementing four projects of Jean Monnet. In particular, the project EU policy for SMEs: perspectives and challenges for Ukraine provides educational activities on European policy (ethics, culture, mechanisms, legislation, and principles, etc.) to support and develop small and medium enterprises as a key driver of economic development. 

The project “EU Carbon-free economy: best practices for Ukraine” provides promotion among students of the principles and experience of EU countries in reducing the carbon footprint, by studying the European Green Deal, norms, requirements, and principles of the carbon-free economy. Lectures and training of the project “Healthy Economy and Policy: European Values for Ukraine” are devoted to the dissemination of knowledge and European experience among students on the implementation of policies to promote the healthy development of countries and regions, the formation of sustainable competitiveness on the international dimension. The project “With Academic Integrity to EU Values: Step by Step to Common Europe” is dedicated to the six pillars of academic integrity and the implementation of these virtues on the way to the European educational and scientific space.

The results of the implementation of these projects are lectures, training seminars, online webinars, scientific festivals, visits, and excursions to modern enterprises. Such events mean that schoolchildren, students, and PhD students will not only learn about modern European values and features of European integration but can see the examples of modern business entities to see the features of the European experience in sustainable development and academic integrity.